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About Joint Venture Hub

The Joint Venture Hub (international patents pending) is a revolutionary new solution to collaborative enterprise and job creation. Originally conceived to help more innovators get their products to market, it leverages people's underutilised time and resource to compliment available finance and offers a win-win solution to all parties.

Even when it was conceived, before the downturn, many individuals and organisations still had spare time and resource. Now our solution is perfectly aligned with the current economic conditions where the demand for credit and the pool of underutilised resource are both larger than they have been for many years.

Individuals can use it to sell spare time and resource at premium prices by supplying them on an initial paid out of revenue basis, whilst at the same time creating themselves a (better) job and/or premium paying, loyal clients.


Our aim is to provide a framework to support innovation and business so that all of the participants in the value chain - innovators, marketeers, finance providers and others.

+ Fairness - it helps collaborators to get a fair return for their contribution.
+ Opportunity - it unlocks the value of everone's ideas, spare time and resources.
+ Security - it protects participants by reducing business, control and repayment risks.
+ Innovation - it fast tracks innovation by getting more products to market.


The methodology was conceived by Senake Atureliya, our founder based upon his own experiences in both setting up businesses to commercialise his innovations, raising finance to support this activity, cutting edge business practice acquired through 14 years of ERP sytems roll out, international patenting and licencing experience. The solution has also been significantly enhanced by colleagues and friends who have also been involved with innovative product commercialisation and entrepreneurship.

To date, the solution has been developed by the founder and deferred payment resource from a variety of sources. Practicing what we preach, much of our application development, marketing and even an iPhone app have been carried out by individuals and businesses working on a part time, premium-fixed-priced-but-paid-out-of-future-revenue basis using the solution.

Pie Finance was incorporated in 2007 to market the innovation to entrepreneurs and innovators who could not secure adequate finance to develop their idea, start or expand their business. More recently at the end of 2008, a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee - Pie Finance (Not For Profit) - was set up to enable our solution to be pitched into the public sector and help less scalable ventures. More recently the Joint Venture Hubs brand was created to market the venture to host organisations.


We aim to help enable a quantum leap in the rate of technological innovation by enabling the commercialisation of the many commercially viable "pub conversion" ideas that never see the light of day...as well as some of the 97% of ventures that seek, but do not end up securing finance. We believe that the current acknowledged source of funding for this very early stage (pre-proof of concept) - 'friends and family' - is (correctly) perceived as too high risk by a vast majority of people, especially those with the experience to succeed, but who's family financial commitments prevent them from taking their ideas to market.

Everyone, even those looking for finance - have some assets are used infrequently or not at all. Similarly, many individuals including those who are fully employed, even very well paid jobs dream of starting their own business or being part of the next big internet success.

With joint venture hubs, we have created a highly efficient to help talented entrepreneurs and innovators share risk and reward to help fund their ideas to market using this latent source of funding. Our tools let them build risk mitigated business plans, our portal and international extended network helps them to find and structure deals with these 'resource owners' to everyone's mutual benefit. In collaboration with existing debt, equity and grant finance providers, we aim to make a positive contribution by helping to start and save businesses, creating jobs and helping to let people create potential future income streams even if they don't have money to save...by using their spare time and resources.


If you have any questions, then please email us at InfoAtPieFinanceDotCom or click the chat icon on the right hand side of your screen.


Seasoned serial entrepreneurs with a number of innovation related businesses under their belts from as far back as the late 1980's, our management team and associates repeatedly came up against the equity gap...hence their passion in contributing to making PIE a successful solution.

Managing Director
Senake conceived and developed the Pie Finance methodology. He set up his first company, MSA Engineering Systems Limited back in 1991 to commercialise a solids handling innovation. The business went on to design and build a wide range of production line machinery for the food and engineering sectors. Following the trade sale of that business, he set up  Buzz Technology Limited in 1996 to assist with the implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. To date the company has gone on to rollout systems all over Europe across a wide range of industries including manufacturing, distribution, investment banking, eCommerce and insurance. Needless to say, Pie Finance is his latest venture.

As a seasoned innovator, he is a passionate campaigner for patent reform to support innovators, small and medium sized businesses and recently represented their interests at a shadow government consultation, the Gower review and the IBM hosted global wiki, the 'Inventors Forum'. Senake has launched a new product line (switched mode power supplies) for Babcock International, headed up industrial systems sales in Scotland and the NE for GEC Avery and set up international sales networks for clients with Riva 4DI (a former DTI consultancy services provider).

Educated in the UK and Zambia, Senake holds a BSc Honours degree in Electrical Engineering from Southampton University.

Tactical Advisor
A successful serial entrepreneur and innovator who has provided significant gap analysis and resolution during the development of the Pie Finance solution. RVP has helped steer PIE around many seemingly insurmountable obstacles contributing significantly in reducing our time to market.

He has headed up the process R&D companies for one of the worlds largest food packaging companies and was involved with fuel cell research back in the 1980s. He currently runs an SME in the engineering and technology sector.

RV holds an engineering degree and MBA from top European universities.
Operations Manager
With a degree in agricultural economics followed by experience working for the government and private sector, IV is perfectly placed to help manage the roll out of our solution. She is a keen cyclist and recently completed a 59 mile sponsored ride for the British Heart Foundation.

Developer Team
Our two talented in-house developers who have helped build the latest versions of the Pie Finance matching web site and Dealmaker Online tool using ASP.NET, SQL*server and Java.

Communications Expert
With significant experience helping major brands optimise their "customer journey" from landing on their web site to placing an order, CC, the most recent addition to our team is now helping us to improve the messaging to our main and periphery client groups.


In addition to our core team, Joint Venture Hubs and Pie Finance is supported by a fast growing network of recent graduates and university based Consultants who are involved in helping to roll out the solution in the UK and parts of Europe. If you are interested in joining the team, please enter your email address below.

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