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Make Collaboration Safer with DealMaker Online


The Pie Finance solution is all about collaborative working to enable job creation, business start up and expansion. Using the platform, individuals and businesses can pool good ideas, spare time and underused assets to work on a payment out of future revenues basis until the business that they are working to create has reached a stage where they can pay the staff and suppliers out of revenue and/or finance.

Most people and businesses - rightly - won't work in this way because experience has shown that more often than not, they never get paid. Even though we are only proposing that SPARE time and resource is offered, the main risks need to be reduced to ensure that they have a much better chance of receiving the return they agreed - even if the business fails. Developed over the past 3 years, Dealmaker Online reduces all of the following types of risk.

  • UNFORSEEN THREAT risk - is reduced by crowd powered analysis. Many heads are better than one.
  • MISMANAGEMENT risk - is reduced by ensuring that the business is run according to the detailed plan.
  • REPAYMENT risk - is reduced by enabling trusted party (bank/Paypal) powered revenue distribution.
  • UNDERPERFORMANCE risk - is tackled in a very innovative way - contact us for more details.


Much more than just a business planning tool, Dealmaker Online enables the creation of a safer plan-to-repayment infrastructure that benefits entrepreneurs and innovators as well as time, resource and finance providers. See the screen shots below to see how it enables:

DETAILED PLANNING HELPS IDENTIFY AND ELIMINATE RISKS Invite potential collaborators and finance providers to review (and even enhance) your plan online.


FINANCIALS ARE DERIVED FROM YOUR DETAILED PLAN that can be used to explain how you would spend finance to investors and the bank.


TEMPLATES SAVE TIME AND INCREASE ACCURACY as they contain researched benchmark data


THREE LEVELS OF SECURITY Reassures entrepreneurs who are concerned about idea theft and revealing sensitive information.