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When I set up my first business (MSA Engineering Systems Limited) to commercialise a mechanical handling (robotics) innovation, it was former clients, employers, suppliers and friends who lent me the things - components, premises, a car and even somewhere to live - that I needed on a 'pay us when the money comes in' basis. This allowed me to secure the initial orders that I needed to access bank finance and later, angel investment. It was a win- win solution for everyone. Had my venture failed or underperformed, they would have not lost anything as assets that would have otherwise sat idle, but as it was I managed to get a growth business started and they earned premium incomes - albeit a little deferred.

Senake Atureliya
Pie Finance and Joint Venture Hubs

At a time when people are desperately need ways of creating additional income; funding their businesses and/or creating themselves a job, the Joint Venture Hubs (international patent pending) web platform can enable your organisation to bring CROWD ReSOURCING to a wider audience. By seamlessly integrating our fully brandable DEALMAKER and MATCHMAKER web pages into your web site, your company or brand could attract market leading innovation, customers and generate positive PR. Finance providers can also use the solution to generate better quality deal flow thus attracting more market share.

To get started, list your own venture requirements, skills or resource offers for FREE, respond to some of the current opportunities listed below. If you have any questions, click the ONLINE CHAT icon on the right or HERE for contact information.

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We offer a whole new way to fund your business, create a new or better job and make additional income from spare time or resource.

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